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A top New Jersey and New York bankruptcy law practice. We have been serving our clients for 30 years, and have handled more than 10,000 bankruptcy cases. As experts in consumer bankruptcy, we are very familiar with the complicated legal process that is involved in this area of the law.

We understand that your life can take an unexpected turn because of a medical crisis, job loss, unemployment, or divorce – all of which can leave you drowning in debt. Whether you have tried to deal with your financial situation on your own for years or you’ve just found yourself in debt, we can help you.

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You are not alone. Many people have been in your situation. The bankruptcy code was created to give people a fresh start. Filing for bankruptcy protection gives you an opportunity to start again. However, the process can be overwhelming and a good lawyer is someone you can depend on to walk you through the steps and fight for your rights. We are here for you.

With offices in New York and New Jersey, we deliver cost-effective solutions. We understand how hard it can be to file for bankruptcy protection. Contact us today to discuss your bankruptcy options. Se Habla Espanol. Call us at (800) 828-7763. We can make a huge difference to your financial situation starting today.